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North Lotts (parallel to Middle Abbey Street)
Image by infomatique
I am a bit confused by the name of this lane which is parallel to Middle Abbey Street. It appears to be known as North Lotts (on some maps) but to the best of my knowledge North Lotts is an area. Here is a quote that I came across "The North Lotts district is sometimes humorously called Newfoundland on account of its having being reclaimed from the sea, and there is actually a Newfoundland Street within its limits. – On the exact spot where Newfoundland Street and Nixon Street are now buit, Campbell’s Map of Dublin, 1811, marks an "Intended Floating Dock," never constructed. The Corporation also honoured itself by conferring on the new streets laid out here the names of Mayor Street, Sheriff Street, Guild Street and Commons Street, after the Lord Mayor, the Sheriffs, the Guilds of each trade of which the Corporation was then composed, and the Commons who elected them". I am now undertaking a post-graduate in cloud computing at NCI which is located in Mayor Square.