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Street Art And Traffic Lights – Work In Progress (Anna Doran)
Image by infomatique
It is the June bank holiday weekend and I have just returned from a trip to Belfast and immediately I have been overloaded by the amount of things that are ongoing in Dublin and as a result I will have to limit my activities to a few events.

There is an exciting experimental project underway in Dublin at present and it involves Traffic Lights (actually the control cabinets) and Street Art.

On Saturday 2nd. I had the opportunity to photograph two examples:
(1) Bolton Street – Still A Work In Progress by Anna Doran (may be finished tomorrow)
(2) Ormond Quay – "Bookcase" by Holly & Cathal.
I have also located on the Flickr Map.

One thing that I did notice in Belfast was some Anti-Semitic graffiti.

While I was in Belfast I got to meet Terri Hooley (founder of Good Vibrations) while I was photographing some street art on North Street.

For more information about the ongoing project in Dublin please visit Dublin City Council Beta Projects