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The Irish National Botanic Gardens (Irish: Garraithe Náisiúnta na Lus) are located in Glasnevin, 5 km north-west of Dublin city centre, Ireland.
It was founded in 1795 by the Royal Dublin Society and has grown to hold 20,000 living plants and many millions of dried plant specimens, contained in gardens that include architecturally notable greenhouses.
The National Herbarium is also housed at the National Botanic Gardens. It contains a collection of roughly 600,000 pressed plants, collected over the garden’s two-hundred-year history. The gardens contains noted and historically important collections of orchids. The newly restored Palm House houses many tropical and subtropical plants which are open to the public year round. The gardens cover 195,000 m² (19.5 hectares) including part of the River Tolka floodplain.
As well as being a tourist destination and an amenity for nearby residents, it also serves as a centre for horticultural research and training.