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Image by infomatique
Photographed in the grounds of Dublin Castle, Ireland.

The disused former English title was the Civic Guard. Neither is Peace Guard used; in the English of Ireland the force is known (in decreasing order of formality) as An Garda Síochána (An pronounced [ən]); the Garda Síochána; the Garda (in the preceding names, Garda "guard" is a collective noun, like police); the Gardaí ([gaːrdiː]; "guards", plural); or the guards. The cops and police are also used; the latter infrequently.
An individual officer is also called a garda (plural gardaí), or, informally, a guard. Garda is also the lowest rank within the force, also used as a title (e.g. "Garda John Murphy", analogous to the British term "constable"). "Guard" is the most common form of address used by members of the public speaking to a garda on duty. A female officer was once officially referred to as a bangharda ([banɣaːrdə; "female guard"; plural banghardaí). This term was abolished in 1990, but is still used colloquially in place of the now gender-neutral garda.