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Image by infomatique
Fierce Vikings, fleeing monks and fighting lords – it’s no wonder that the
makers of the movie ‘Braveheart’ chose Trim as the shooting location for their
epic thriller. One look at Trim Castle and story book images of valiant warriors
and timid monks spring to life – why not visit them in the ‘Power & Glory
Audio Visual Show’ and see the Braveheart filmset model. Trim – a Heritage
Town in the heart of the country – but less than one hour from Dublin.
Dominated by the majestic 12th century Castle (Euro Nostra Award Winner
2003 and the largest Anglo-Norman Castle in Europe) and the mystical River
Boyne, Trim provides all visitors the ultimate in relaxation or the thrill of
action. Trim is now a prosperous and busy market town. Visitors are offered
heritage tours, walks, cycling, fishing, swimming, golf, tennis, canoeing,
musicals, drama festivals, vintage rallies, traditional music, medieval
festivals, agricultural shows – all you could wish for in a picturesque setting.