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Dublin Docklands – The Jeanie Johnston is a replica of a three masted barque that was originally built in Quebec
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The Jeanie Johnston is a replica of a three masted barque that was originally built in Quebec, Canada in 1847 by the Scottish-born shipbuilder John Munn.

The building of the replica ship began with in-depth research in 1993, and culminated in the completion of the vessel in 2002. An international team of young people, linking Ireland North and South, the United States, Canada and many other countries, built the replica under the supervision of experienced shipwrights.
The ship was designed by Fred Walker former Chief Naval Architect with the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. The recreation project was modelled closely on that of the 17th century ship, the Batavia.
The ship is built with larch planks on oak frames. To comply with current international maritime regulations, some concessions to modernity had to be made. She has two Caterpillar main engines, two Caterpillar generators, and an emergency generator that is located above the waterline in the forward deckhouse. She is fully compliant to the highest standards of modern ocean-going passenger ships, with steel water-tight bulkheads, down-flooding valves, and fire-fighting equipment.
In 2002 the replica Jeanie Johnston sailed from Tralee to Canada and the USA. She has taken part in the Tall Ships Race and is currently operating as a sail training ship.
Other notable Irish tall ships or sail training ships are the Asgard II, the Dunbrody, the Lord Rank(N.I.) and the Creidne(I.N.S.).