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Dublin At Night – Christmas 2010 [Moore Street]
Image by infomatique
Moore Street is notable as the location of Dublin’s oldest food market, Moore Street Market.

It was from a terrace on this street that Padraig Pearse proclaimed the surrender of the Irish rebel forces, on 30 April 1916, after the failed Easter Rising.

Many Dubliners have a great affection for Moore Street, and especially its vendors. The market there is considered to be a famous landmark on the northside of the city. The most famous product for sale is fruit and the people who work at the stalls have a reputation for being witty and friendly. They and their stalls are considered to be a Dublin institution, and they speak in a strong Dublin accent.

The Dublin City Council were planning to demolish these houses in an attempt to redevelop the local area, though this was met with opposition by various groups who believe these premises to be an important part of Irish history, some referring to the location as "Ireland’s Alamo". Numbers 14-17 of the terrace were declared a national monument in 2007, guaranteeing their retention.