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Historic Ireland – Glasnevin Cemetery Is a Hidden Gem And Well Worth a Visit
Image by infomatique
Prospect Cemetery is located in Glasnevin, although better known as Glasnevin Cemetery, the most historically notable burial place in Ireland and the last resting place of Michael Collins, Charles Stewart Parnell and also Arthur Griffith.

This graveyard led to Glasnevin being known as "the dead centre of Dublin". It opened in 1832 and is the final resting place of mare than a million ordinary citizens, as well as many Irish patriots.

Glasnevin Cemetery has embarked on a major restoration project to be completed in time for the centenary celebrations of the 1916 Rising and I must admit that I am impressed by the results that have already been achieved.

The Dublin Cemeteries Committee, which oversees the operation of the city’s famous ‘dead centre’, will eventually be transformed by a 10 year restoration plan which will restore and greatly improve the graveyard in time for the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising.

As many of the headstones have sunken down into the ground at an angle a major element of the restoration project involves straightening and cleaning up many of the headstones. Another major aspect of the renovation project is the restoration of the attractive O’Connell Tower at the entrance the cemetery.

The tower houses the graves of Daniel O’Connell ‘The Liberator’ and his family. Constructed in 1860 it took 10 years to complete and is the tallest Round Tower in Ireland. According to the guide “There used to be a staircase running right up to the top, but following a bomb attack by Loyalists in the ‘70s the stairway was destroyed, but now we hope to replace it,”