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Victoria Square Shopping Centre – Belfast
Image by infomatique
I am not a fan of shopping centers but I must admit that I liked this one.

Victoria Square is a commercial, residential and leisure development in Belfast, Northern Ireland developed and built by Multi Development UK over 6 years.

A key element in the development is two covered, multi-level streets linked to the massive glass dome measuring 35 m in diameter. A public square covered entirely by the glass dome serves as the hub of the entire area. The ornate Jaffe Fountain, constructed in the 1870s by former Lord Mayor Otto Jaffe in memory of his father, has been restored to its original location in Victoria Square. Victoria Square is a neighbourhood consisting of 17 contextual different buildings. Pedestrian links to nearby business, nightlife and shopping streets on Laganside, Donegall Place, Royal Avenue and Ann Street. Victoria Square includes a wide variety of shops for males, females and children as well as a wonderful 80ft viewing area.

In employment terms, over 3,000 people were involved in the construction phase of Victoria Square, with a further 3,000 people gaining employment in the scheme through jobs in retail, security and the service industries. Environmentally, a large section of the roof has been covered in Sedum in a direct attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of Victoria Square. This material soaks up rainwater allowing it to evaporate naturally over time rather than overload draining systems.

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