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Graffiti And Street Art In Dublin Docklands – Windmill Lane
Image by infomatique
Windmill Lane in Dublin has often been recommended as a "must see" tourist attraction by publications such as The New York Times. Many people, local and foreign, are attracted by the significant amounts of graffiti left as a tribute to acts such as U2 and some even add to it themselves when they visit the site.

It should be noted that there is very little U2 specific graffiti remaining at this location. Until a few weeks ago there was another "U2 Graffiti Wall" nearby at Hanover Quay but when I last visited the U2 specific graffiti had been painted over.

Windmill Lane Studios, also known as the "U2 studio", was a three-storey music recording studio located in Windmill Lane. It was opened in 1978 by Brian Masterson who is a company director and head engineer. It was originally used to record traditional Irish music until U2 came along and began to record there.

The actual studios having moved elsewhere. Nevertheless, the building is still a popular tourist attraction.

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